A. It is very important to apply the base coat and let it dry a few minutes before applying polish. If you have a nail that is weak, thin or peeling, you can use two base coats for extra reinforcement. Dry thoroughly before polish!

B. Apply top coat after letting polish dry for at least 60 seconds. To help your polish stay even longer, you may apply another top coat a few days after polish.

C. To help polish last longer, swipe the tip of the nail and free edge horizontally first on all nails then go back and apply polish vertically as usual. Do the same thing with the top coat!

D. Sometimes Pure Acetone Remover can cause white spots on the nails. Try using a non acetone remover for a time ~ you should see improvement within 2 weeks.

E. In a hurry? Cold air and cold water can help speed up the drying time for your manicure.